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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chattanooga Engagement Photography | Andrea + Jacoby E Session Favs

I want to know how we are so lucky as to get so many photogenic clients?... Because, Andrea and Jacoby definitely photograph well enough to be top models! Just look for yourself at a few of our favs.

The rest of their e-session will be available on or before Friday for proofing at

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Oh, and many thanks to Andrea who helped us find a new, favorite spot to shoot in Chattanooga! :)

Visit our Chattanooga Photography website for more information about Daniel Howell Photography.

East Tennessee Photography | Kay + Philip E-Session FAVS

We met Philip at church when we moved to Sweetwater 2 years ago. We always knew him as a quiet, reserved, caring man; but, then one day he walked into the church building and he was grinning from ear to ear - he was in love and going to ask her to marry him! When we finally got to met Kay (from Michigan) we could tell that they were perfect for each other. Here are JUST A FEW of our favs from their engagement session. More will be available for online proofing and viewing next week.

louthan-0842 copy copy

louthan-1742 copy copy

louthan-1742 copy

louthan-1717 copy

louthan-1639 copy

louthan-1704 copy

louthan-1073 copy

louthan-0842 copy

Friday, April 16, 2010

Chattanooga Wedding Photography | Liz + Lynn, Our Wedding Favs

Ceremony: Patten Chapel, on the campus of UT Chattanooga
Reception: The Mill, Chattanooga
Caterer: Louise with Storybook Weddings
Cake: Jackson Bakery
IceCream Cart: Clumpie's (YUM!)
DJ: Gene & Brenda with 410 Productions
Floral Design: Kelly Simpson

Liz and Lynn wed last Saturday - a beautiful April day. Their wedding was full of love, laughter, and TONS of friends! (Check out the wedding party pics!)

To see our favs from their day set to music, press play and enjoy their slideshow (we recommend doing this before browsing through the pics below). Then, to see some of the images featured in the slideshow as larger pictures, scroll down.

Enjoy our favs from their wedding day! Their wedding, in its entirety will be available for proofing and purchase on or before Wednesday.

wilson_blog-0146 copy

wilson_blog-0214 copy

wilson_blog-0279 copy

wilson_blog-9107 copy

wilson_blog-9151 copy

wilson_blog-9695 copy

wilson_blog-9161 copy

wilson_blog-0360 copy

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wilson_blog-9207 copy

wilson_blog-9237 copy

wilson_blog-9250 copy

wilson_blog-9316 copy

wilson_blog-9328 copy

wilson_blog-9094 copy

wilson_blog-0559 copy

wilson_blog-0562 copy

wilson_blog-0563 copy

wilson_blog-9488 copy

wilson_blog-9498 copy

wilson_blog-9502 copy

wilson_blog-0580 copy

wilson_blog-0583 copy

wilson_blog-9527 copy

wilson_blog-9532 copy

wilson_blog-9543 copy

wilson_blog-0666 copy

wilson_blog-9615 copy

wilson_blog-9635 copy

wilson_blog-0679 copy

wilson_blog-0706 copy

wilson_blog-0580 copy copy

wilson_blog-9757 copy

wilson_blog-9798 copy

wilson_blog-9810 copy

wilson_blog-9849 copy

wilson_blog-0763 copy

wilson_blog--2 copy

wilson_blog-0915 copy

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wilson_blog-0033 copy

wilson_blog-0964 copy

wilson_blog-0063 copy

wilson_blog-0076 copy

wilson_blog-9946 copy

wilson_blog-0091 copy

wilson_blog-0113 copy

wilson_blog-1091 copy

wilson_blog-1095 copy

wilson_blog-1170 copy

wilson_blog-0189 copy

wilson_blog-0258 copy

wilson_blog-0268 copy

wilson_blog-0278 copy

wilson_blog-0310 copy

wilson_blog-1327 copy

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