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Friday, July 31, 2009

Places to go... Lions to see

One of the things I enjoy most in life is thinking on good times, but sometimes my memory isn't as good as it should be for a twenty-something. So, when Daniel and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary last month, I wanted to do something special to help us remember a few of our good times.

SO, I bought tacks, a cork board, and a map to aide in our memory journey to all the places we've been together.

After we stuck a tack in the places we have been, we dreamed about the places we want to go.

The map was a map of only the US, and if we want to conquer all of those dots we better get busy! But, of course, I do enjoy traveling internationally, which Daniel & I haven't had the opportunity to do together. Someday (SOON!) we will.

Why in the world am I writing about this today? Well, last night we were cleaning our basement (which is where all of the random items go including our dogs!), and I took special notice of a collection of wooden animals.

The animals were brought back by my parents on our trip to Africa, a trip that I have always cherished and longed to repeat! So, blame the animals for this post!

Any brides getting married in Africa who'd like to fly us over? :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

What We Do For Our Brides

After coming inside after a few bridal portraits, Kari was hot. So, Daniel fanned her with a reflector!

We'll do almost anything for our brides (and our grooms, too)! :) On your big day we try our best to be an unobtrusive as possible, but we're always there if you need help pinning flowers, arranging favors, buttoning buttons, and keeping cool.

This is a side note -- while we do live in Sweetwater, we proudly photograph Knoxville weddings, Chattanooga Weddings and surrounding areas. Don't be afraid to ask -- if we can't help you, then we'll try to direct you to a photographer who can!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kari and Justin... A Sneak Peek

We're pretty used to weddings (especially wedding pictures) by now, so I [Martha] usually don't get emotional during them or when looking at a couple's pictures. HOWEVER, Kari & Justin's wedding must be an exception to the rule, because not only did I tear up during their wedding ceremony, but also while editing their gorgeous, emotional images. I hope you all enjoy this sneak peek of Kari & Justin's wedding --- all of their images should be up and ready in 3-4 weeks.

Also, I'd like to point out that the following are an EXCELLENT example of the photojournalistic nature of our wedding coverage. Not one, not a SINGLE one was posed to the point of saying "do this or do that". In two of the following images, we did place them where we wanted them to be, but their reactions, their faces, and the emotion was purely them, and then we simply captured what followed. For example...


ALMOST...! Kari requested this shot before their ceremony. They would not see each other until she walked down the aisle, but (as shown here) they held hands on opposite sides of the door before the ceremony.

cliftonblog-0647 copy

cliftonblog-0653 copy

cliftonblog-3 co1py
All eyes were on the beautiful bride walking down the aisle (even the ring bearer peered around Justin so he could get a peek!)

cliftonblog-3-2 copy
One last kiss from Mom before wedding. Kari, her mom, and her sister are extremely close -- they were touching to watch throughout the day!

cliftonblog-0678 usethis

cliftonblog-3-3 copy
I immediately picked this one out as one of my favs.

cliftonblog-1046 copyusethis
This one, too -- of their first dance together as husband and wife.

cliftonblog-1198 copy
Do you think Kari was thinking, "I'm gonna get you?" :) Well, she sure did get him!

cliftonblog-1046 copy2usethis
The happy couple -- already enjoying being married.

Remember, images from Kari & Justin's wedding will be posted no later than 09/01/2009 for proofing and ordering at:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Carol and Mark's Engagement Session

Carol and Mark's session was in Townsend at the venue where they will be wed shortly. I loved editing their images; I could tell they have so much fun together! (And isn't their pup the cutest?!)

dudneyesession-8901 4copy

dudneyesession-9054 copy

dudneyesession-90542 copy

dudneyesession-8759 copy

dudneyesession-8425 copy

dudneyesession-8595 copy

dudneyesession-8901 copy

dudneyesession-8682 copy

Both Daniel & I picked this one as our absolute favorite from the session!

dudneyesession-90541 copy

Slideshow of Carol & Mark's Session:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Rachel and Brandon's Big Day Finally Arrived!

Rachel, my sister-in-law, and Brandon (now my brother-in-law, I guess!), got married last Saturday!

rachelandbrandon-0046 copy

As Daniel and I were in the wedding, we weren't the photographers, but are looking forward to seeing the pictures, taken by Christen Jones from Memphis when they're available (we'll keep you posted). It was quite an experience being on the "wrong side" of the camera this weekend; but, we enjoyed working with Christen, or rather Christen working with us. It helped remind me of why we do what we do -- to capture memories of one of the most important days in a couple's life.

rachelandbrandon-0292 copy

The trip to West TN was long, but SO worth it! The wedding was beautiful and we had a blast seeing family members and friends who we have been missing! My mother-in-law, her sister, and mom did the flowers, cake, and food. BUT, this was no "do-it-yourself" wedding, it was absolutely FABULOUS; and, I'm picky, so I should know! :)

rachelandbrandon-0133 copqy

We wish Rachel and Brandon the best in their marriage together and look forward to what the future holds for them! (Photos above were by Daniel, during a quick photo session of Rachel and Brandon. To see more or purchase images, visit

Proof Slideshows Are Here!

The company that hosts our online ordering and fullfillment site has introduced a FANTASTIC new feature -- proof slideshows. So, in addition to posted our favorite images from a session/wedding on our blog, from time to time, we'll post the proof slideshow, so you can get a glimpse of the entire session/wedding (of course, you can also visit our ordering site: to see full sessions).

1) After pressing "play", if you place your mouse over the slideshow, you'll see a link at the top to our ordering site.
2) At the bottom right hand corner of the slideshow, you'll see a box/arrow symbol. You can click on that, to make the slideshow pop out into a seperate window.
3) Clients -- If you would like to have a copy of your proof slideshow to post on your own blog/Facebook or MySpace Page, let us know!

So, without further delay, here is Kristen and Jonathan's PROOF SLIDESHOW! Enjoy!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Kristen and Jonathan -- Their Engagement Session

Here's a look at Kristen and Jonathan's engagement session in Maryville! Enjoy! Oh, and let us know what you think about having BIG images on the blog now! :)






pierceesession-7923 copy









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