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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sneak Peek!

This weekend was the engagement session of Missy & Aaron (the winners of our first free engagement session).

More's to come later, but enjoy this image in the meantime!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lonnie and Natalie's Wedding - Part II

As promised, here are some more of our favorite images from Natalie and Lonnie's wedding (to see more, scroll a couple of posts down).

For family/friends of Natalie and Lonnie: Their wedding images will be up by the end of the week (by March 28) at

nelsonblog-0357 copy

nelsonblog-0354 copy

nelsonblog-2-2 copy

nelsonblog-0283 copy

nelsonblog-0629 copy

nelsonblog-0927 copy

nelsonblog-2-4 copy

nelsonblog-2-5 copy

nelsonblog-0013 copy

Rock, Paper, Scissors - Lonnie and Natalie's method for choosing who would say their vows first!


nelsonblog-0353 copy

nelsonblog-1313 copy

nelsonblog-1193 copy

nelsonblog-1136 copy

nelsonblog-1239 copy

Winners of Round #2

It was close, but everyone's favorite proposal story was from Couple #3, so they have won a free engagement session. Thanks so much to all those who participated!

Couple #3

For my marriage proposal, my fiance made me truly feel like a princess. We took a short trip to Disney during January and I had been insisting that we had to watch the fireworks at least once while we were there. Though he completely did not want to watch the fireworks, I was not going to let him have his way on this one because there is just something magical about them there. Come to find out, the theme of the fireworks show right now is wishes. So once they had talked about a dream is a wish your heart makes, my fiance looked over at me to ask me what my wish was. I told him that I couldn't tell him or it might not come true. He looked over at me and told me that he could make it come true and got down on one knee! I didn't believe him at first, but when he pulled out the ring it couldn't be mistaken! I was so surprised! We got congratulated by the people around us, and I know believe that the fireworks truly are "magical". I completely felt like a Disney Princess that night!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Natalie and Lonnie's Wedding - Part I

There were so many fabulous moments during Natalie and Lonnie's wedding, that this post will be broken into two parts. WARNING - there will be a TON of pictures!

Lonnie & Natalie wed in Townsend at a beautiful wedding chapel. Natalie's gown was exquisite - and her accessories complimented it perfectly. Natalie decorated the reception site herself, turning it into a haven of candles. Enjoy these images!

nelsonblog-2 copy

Natalie bought a beautiful pendant on Ebay and then turned it into this stunning necklace:

nelsonblog-2-3 copy

nelsonblog-0431 copy

nelsonblog-0323 copy

Lonnie wanted to remember his dad, who passed away a year ago, on his wedding day.

nelsonblog-0423 copy

nelsonblog-0461 copy

nelsonblog-0538 copy

Natalie wasn't quite sure about this couch - but we LOVE this image!

nelsonblog-0637 copy

Her smile says it all!



nelsonblog-0669 copy


nelsonblog-0927 copy

nelsonblog-0891 copy

nelsonblog-2-6 copy

nelsonblog-2-8 copy

nelsonblog-1313 copy

nelsonblog-3 copy

nelsonblog-1021 copy

nelsonblog-1051 copy

Daniel will contort into all sorts of shapes if needed to get the shot!

nelsonblog-2-7 copy

The end of a long, special day...

nelsonblog-1377 copy
Check back next week for Part II - another 20 or so of our favorite images from Lonnie & Natalie's wedding day!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dana and Jonathan's E-Session

Dana & Jonathan's engagement session took place on an extrememly rainy Saturday afternoon! However, Daniel often tells people he likes to make lemonade - so he took the rain ("lemons") and worked with it - hopefully their wedding day, coming up in April will be sunny and bright!

jensenesession-9531 copy2

jensenesession-9496 copy


jensenesession-0040 copy

jensenesession-9593 copy

jensenesession-0081 copy



jensenesession-9531 copy

jensenesession-0072 copy

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Natalie and Lonnie's Wedding Day - Sneak Peek!

This weekend we had the pleasure of photographing Natalie & Lonnie's wedding in Townsend. We had a blast and couldn't wait to post this brief sneak peek!



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