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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Knoxville Wedding Photography | A Closer Look at Jill + Daniel's Big Day...

Enjoy this 'closer look' at Jill + Daniel's big day featuring a select few of our absolute favorites. {To see a slideshow that features even more images, click here.}
Ceremony: Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church
Reception: Calhoun's on the River

All of their images will be available Monday for proofing and purchase at

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balmermosher-2622 copy

balmermosher-2731 copy

balmermosher-2957 copy

balmermosher-2364 copy

balmermosher-2386 copy

balmermosher-2940 copy

balmermosher-2782 copy

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balmermosher-2805 copy

balmermosher-2585 copy

balmermosher-2656 copy

balmermosher-2720 copy

balmermosher-2701 copy

balmermosher-2728 copy

balmermosher-3066 copy

balmermosher-3069 copy

balmermosher-2831 copy

balmermosher-2847 copy

balmermosher-2865 copy

balmermosher-2868 copy

balmermosher-2872 copy

balmermosher-2873 copy

balmermosher-3011 copy

balmermosher-3033 copy

balmermosher-3118 copy

balmermosher-3140 copy

balmermosher-3171 copy

balmermosher-3203 copy

balmermosher-3204 copy

balmermosher-3221 copy

balmermosher-3231 copy

balmermosher-3235 copy

balmermosher-3391 copy

balmermosher-3422 copy

balmermosher-3269 copy

balmermosher-3305 copy

balmermosher-3180 copy

balmermosher-3414 copy

balmermosher-3425 copy

balmermosher-3478 copy

balmermosher-3493 copy

balmermosher-3503 copy

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balmermosher-3516 copy

balmermosher-3525 copy

balmermosher-3545 copy


Charlotte Justine June 8, 2010 at 8:43 AM  

These are great! And I am LOVING the groomsmen's socks!! :)

courtney June 8, 2010 at 9:40 AM  

They all look SOOOOO happy! I love it. :) Great images.

mandiimae June 8, 2010 at 4:35 PM  

that wedding party is the BEST! your work is fabulous! :)

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